Congratulations to TPCB graduate student Chaya Stern for being selected for a 2018 MolSSI Phase I Fellowship!

Congratulations to Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology (TPCB) graduate student and NSF GRFP recipient Chaya Stern on receiving a 2018 MolSSI Phase I Fellowship to support her work in developing new algorithms and open source software for Bayesian inference of force field parameters from experimental and quantum chemical data! You can learn more about Chaya's work in this area by listening to her PyData NYC 2017 talk or reading her MolSSI Fellowship Proposal, and hear more about what Chaya is up to by following her twitter feed.

Congratulations to Chaya Stern for receiving a Diversity Scholarship to attend SciPy 2017!

Congratulations to TPCB graduate student Chaya Stern for receiving a Diversity Scholarship to attend SciPy 2017 in Austin, TX July 10-16. SciPy is a conference focusing on scientific computing with Python, and brings together a community of open source software developers and users from industry, academia, and government to show off their projects, learn from each other, and collaborate to develop better code.

We're grateful to JumpTrading and NumFocus for providing the funds for this fellowship.

Chaya Stern awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship

Congratulations to Chodera lab TPCB student Chaya Stern, who was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship.

From the TPCB News website:

Michaelyn Lux and Chaya Stern Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships

Congratulations to TPCB students Michaelyn Lux and Chaya Stern who have been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. They join a select group of 2,000 awardees among 16,500 applicants nationwide. Michaelyn Lux is working with Prof. Derek Tan at Sloan Kettering on the synthesis of novel anticancer agents inspired by natural products. Michaelyn received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Michigan State University and is interested in studying organic chemistry and its applications to biological problems. Chaya Stern is working with Prof. John Chodera at Sloan Kettering in collaboration with Prof. Harel Weinstein and Prof. Scott Blanchard at Weill Cornell on combining single-molecule experiments with massively distributed molecular dynamics simulations to study G-protein coupled receptor dynamics. Chaya received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College and is interested in combining theory and experiments within a quantitative and testable framework to study biological macromolecules.