2018 Workshop on Free Energy Methods, Kinetics and Markov State Models in Drug Design: Videos are up!


The 2018 Workshop on Free Energy Methods, Kinetics and Markov State Models in Drug Design held at the Novartis NIBR campus in Cambridge, MA was a huge success! You can read some of the livetweeting by following #drugalchemy and #drugmsm on twitter, and catch up on talks you may have missed by going through our YouTube video playlist featuring recordings of all talks where the speakers consented to being recorded.

Special thanks to lead organizers Michael Schnieders and Greg Bowman, the fantastic panel of organizers, postdoc Levi Naden and Novartis Investigator Callum Dickson for wrangling A/V and venue details, Jose Duca for graciously allowing us to use the NIBR site, the Novartis A/V team, keynote speaker Mark Murcko, our hosts at Novartis, and all our wonderful speakers and participants for making this a success.

Fourth Alchemical Free Energy Calculations in Drug Design meeting at Vertex

The fourth Alchemical Free Energy Calculations in Drug Discovery workshop is already underway, held once again at the beautiful Vertex facility in Boston. We're livetweeting the meeting for those who can't make it, and have set up a new Slack team to keep the conversation going after the meeting. There's even a job postings page to keep track of the abundant new jobs in computational chemistry and alchemical free energy calculations in industry and academia this field has created. We're thrilled to see so much activity, how far the field is come, and certainly how far the field has left to go.

Slides from my talk can be found here in PDF format.

CECAM Workshop on developing interoperable and portable molecular simulation software libraries

I'm excited to be participating in the CECAM Workshop on Developing Interoperable and Portable Molecular Simulation  Software Libraries this week at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, organized by Julien Michel, along with Christopher Woods, Peter Eastman, and Gareth Tribello.

Slides and materials used during the workshop can be found here:

  • Examples and materials: https://github.com/choderalab/cecam-2015-julich-workshop

The Chodera lab is headed to the Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore

Four members of the Chodera lab will be headed to the Feb 7-11 Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD!
Postdocs Sonya Hanson and Kyle Beauchamp will both be giving talks:

In addition, Sonya Hanson will serve as an official guest blogger for the BPS 2015 meeting!  Be sure to tune into the official BPS Blog to follow along!

Talk slides will be posted after the conference.

Rumor has it the lab will also make a brief appearance at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening SLAS2015 conference in Washington DC.