More 3D parts available for download!

CBM graduate student Julie Behr, together with postdoc Sonya Hanson and Keshari lab research technician H. Nikki Aldeborgh, have designed some new 3d printable parts!

The first part is a universal portrait/landscape one-position raised SBS-format microtiter plate (MTP) carrier for the Tecan EVO deck.  This part was designed to provide a handoff position between our Thermo BenchTrak Orbitor and our Tecan EVO, and fits nicely in the front of the EVO deck.  It can even be rotated from portrait to landscape while preserving the center of the plate so that minimal reteaching of robot vectors is necessary.  The part comes in two pieces that snap together to facilitate printing with minimal material and mix-and-match designs.

The next part is an SBS-format Caliper LabChip microfluidic chip holder.  This part fits a microfluidic chip from our LabChip GX2, and holds it in position for the Tecan EVO pipetting robot to handle the pipetting needed to prepare the chip for insertion into the Caliper GXII and subsequent priming.  The chip can also be manipulated while in the carrier.  To ensure the chip remains hydrated, a standard epi tube is snapped into a receptacle in the bottom of the carrier and filled with water, and the sipping tube of the microfluidic chip remains immersed within.

These parts (and more!) can be downloaded from our printable 3d parts page.

All parts also appear on figshare, and each has a citable DOI.